Business Intelligence

The ever-changing landscape of the economy, competition, markets and technology affects the strategy and development of your business. Our expert team facilitates analysis and planning with innovative analysis.

- Business turnaround and restructuring
- Analytical data mining
- Complex event processing
- Business performance management
- Benchmarking
- Predictive analytics

Risk Mangement & Compliance

Your organisation needs to be compliant, regulators are increasingly intolerant of non-compliance and penalties can be significant. We have the specialist support and knowledge to achieve compliance.

- Sarbanes Oxley
- Frank-Dodd Act
- Solvency II
- Basel III
- Supply Chain Risk Management

Internal Audit

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit function is presented with unique challenges to provide practical and productive advice to business operations, to maintain vigilance for fraud, error and inefficiency and to embolden the company to meet regulatory requirements. Achieving these and other goals and maintaining independence, expert skills and best practice is not always practical without external support.

Our audit team can improve independence, execute expert audits and review and make recommendations for your Internal Audit department.